Children are placed in each instrumental ensemble according to their musical ability. The Training Band, as the name indicates, is for beginners or children starting an additional instrument. After a year in the Training Band children automatically progress to the Concert Band unless otherwise instructed by the Conductor. The children are then auditioned for the senior wind ensemble, which forms part of the Newport School Orchestra and is known as the Performance Band. The string ensembles have a similar progression: 1st Year Violin Ensemble for beginners, progressing to 2nd Year Violin Ensemble and then to the String Orchestra which, together with selected Performance Band students, form the Newport School Orchestra.

The Music Program has the versatility to give opportunities to children wanting to learn additional instruments; for example, on occasions we have children in the Performance Band playing a second instrument in either the Training or Concert Bands, or Strings Orchestra. Discounts apply to families with children participating in more than one